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NT$ 499.00


Seaweed, Flower and Fruit Beauty Serum Face Mask with Ryukyu Bihada


The beauty serum in this luxurious face mask is filled

with the goodness of the Okinawan sun and sea.

Formulated with a focus on deeply hydrating, natural Okinawan ingredients,

this luxurious face mask contains ingredients like rare Okinawan mozuku extract

(fucoidan), hibiscus extract for skin elasticity, Citrus depressa (shikuwasa)

extract for moisture retention, and shell ginger extract to soften the skin.




1)Use on clean skin after cleansing and toning your face.

  Take the face mask out of the package.

2)Position the face mask around your eyes and mouth,

  then smooth the sheet over the rest of the face.

 Lightly press on your face to eliminate air bubbles between

 your faceand the mask.

3)Leave the face mask on for about 10 minutes then remove the mask.

 *Do not leave the sheet on your face for a long period of time.

4)Use both palms to cover the face and allow the remaining

  beauty serum to sink into the skin.

  Then use a lotion and cream to keep the skin moisturized.